December 27, 2015

A Christmas Blessing!

Often times, educational blogs are intended to connect teachers across the Internet to share great teaching resources, tips, and other techniques to enhance the lives we impact daily; however, my post today is going to give you a little glimpse into my personal life by sharing a sweet story!

For most teenage girls, making a Christmas list and checking it twice isn't typically a chore.  But for my 17 year old junior in high school, it was nothing BUT a struggle for her this year.  Meet my daughter, Anna Kate...your typical high schooler who loves to cheer on her high school team under the Friday night lights during football season, can get caught up in Netflix for hours and watch episode after episode of Criminal Minds or whatever the series may be, and who loves to spend time with her friends acting just plumb goofy!

But there's definitely one thing that sets her apart from the world, and that is her amazing love for Jesus Christ! Last December (at the age of 16) she attended a weekend church retreat with our church's youth group, and came to the saving knowledge of Christ....

She truly lives with a passion that is so on fire for God, and anyone that meets her will immediately know where she stands in her faith...but not in an obnoxious "in your face" kind of way.  With that said, let's now fast forward to this December....

Back around the first week in December, this girl could not tell us ONE thing that she wanted for Christmas!  Do you know how difficult it is to buy something for someone who really doesn't want anything?  Not to mention, unlike most teenage girls, clothes are really not her thing either....As a matter of fact, most times, she will be found wearing an oversized sweatshirt, jeans, and her Chuck Taylor Converse high tops just like seen in the picture below...that is, if she's not in her flannel PJ pants.  So trying to come up with "surprises" was becoming as difficult as trying to find a needle in a haystack!

So one afternoon in early December as I am teaching my little heart out to my 2nd graders, my husband and I receive in a group text a message from Anna Kate.  (Yea... her high school dismisses before the elementary school that I teach at does, so I couldn't fuss at her for texting during school!)  However, after I read the first line of the text, I was THRILLED thinking that she was going to give me some ideas, and as you can see I was unaware of where her text was going....
I was literally blown away by Anna Kate's selflessness.  Want to talk about a mom being taught a lesson about priorities and the importance of putting others before yourself, but I was schooled!!!  So then we received yet another text which indicated that she had done her research....

After digging a litter deeper into this Christian based program, Compassion, we decided to make her Christmas wish come true by sponsoring the child she had chosen.  Of course, we did not let Anna Kate know this as we wanted to make what "Santa" brought her very special.  I began sharing this humbling situation with some of my closest friends/colleagues, and ALL of us were just in awe at how unselfish it was that she was not even thinking about herself despite this "Me, Me, Me" generation we live in today.  

I completed all of the online information necessary to begin the sponsorship, and of course after I did, Yordan no longer showed up on the website.  You can bet a hole in a donut that Anna Kate was checking that website daily, and as soon as she noticed that he was no longer available, she called us heartbroken to let us know he had already been sponsored.  :(

So...after eating our Christmas Eve dinner with our family along with one of my coworkers and her family who joined us because of their family being out of town, we decided to give Anna Kate her "gift of giving"while everyone was still at our house.  Of course, they were just as excited to see her receive it as we were to give it. My niece and I decided on involving a drone that her dad had just gotten as gift to be the way she received her Christmas wish!  Please...take a minute to watch the's priceless!  When you are finished watching, please leave a comment if you experienced a sweet Christmas blessing this year!  Just think of the difference you could make in the lives of others by sharing it on this post!  :)

December 13, 2015

Book Companions!

Hello, Friends!  I hope you are all surviving the Christmas hype in your classrooms....  You would know that Mother Nature has now decided to visit the south, and it appears that we will have indoor recess this week due to rain.....  #prayersappreciatedinadvance

I wanted to share with you a little of what has been going on in Mrs. Avery's Island!  My latest interest has been creating book companions.  These book resources have been created to assist teachers as they cross the curriculum by providing a plethora of math and ELA skills.

The first book companion that I have created is one that is probably safe to say is an all time Christmas favorite, The Polar Express. Included in this product are over 50 pages of thematic activities including ELA graphic organizers, math activities, and writing activities! These activities are guaranteed to motivate and excite your students as they begin their Christmas countdown!

My second book companion (which is fresh off the press) is another winter favorite that will be perfect to use during the month of January!  Inspired by the amazing author, Jan Brett, The Mitten is an incredible book which opens the door to cross the curriculum in so many ways.  Regardless of the age of your students, this book is a perfect way to even hit some of your social studies standards such as animal habitats or seasons of the year.  If your district is like mine, social studies textbooks/materials are simply not provided to teachers in grades K-2, yet we are still expected to meet the standards.  Therefore, it is up to the teachers to come up with our own materials and curriculum resources....  Oh yea,  and social studies seems to be the area in our district that students score the lowest on when it comes to standardized testing for grades 3-5.  #gofigure  


Soooo....if you are seeking for ways to keep your students engaged during December and January when indoor recess seems to be holding all of us hostage, I encourage you to check out these book companions!  I can promise you that the thematic resources will fit perfectly into your lesson plans for morning work, RTI, literacy groups, Daily 5, Daily 3, whole group instruction, and even INDOOR RECESS activities!  The most exciting news for YOU, the teacher, is that very little prep work is required, AND they are ink friendly too! #iteachtoo 

I encourage you to become a follower of my TPT store so that you can be the first to know about my upcoming products, sale promotions, and when my Follower Freebies are available for you to grab!!!  However, in order to be aware of these monthly Follower Freebies, you will want to visit my Facebook page and be sure to "LIKE" my page.  (Facebook is where I post my monthly Follower Freebie announcements!)  Within a week or so after the FB post, you will receive a SURPRISE message via TPT's inbox messaging system along with the directions on how to grab the freebie!  

To be sure I am reaching all grade levels for my followers, the last two months I have given away a FREE month of writing activities valued at $6.50!  These thematic writing activities include an entire month's worth of writing prompts, menus, word work cards, and more!  I encourage you to go check out some of my monthly writing activities to see what other teachers have commented and said about them! (I currently have August-February completed, and I will soon be adding March, April, May, and a Spring Bundle!)

Now.....I am already trying to decide on my next book companion, and would LOVE your input!  If you have a favorite book that you would like to recommend, please comment to this post and let me know what it is...maybe even include some skills that you would like to see in the product!  I am always open for suggestions, and LOVE for my teaching friends to have input in my products!  :)

Holiday hugs from Louisiana,


November 28, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Sitewide Cyber Sale #TpTCyberSmile

Get ready to load your sleigh {I mean cart} with all of your Christmas and winter resources for reading and math during the Teachers Pay Teachers Sitewide Cyber Sale!

The Polar Express bundle has been completed, uploaded, and is ready to spread some holiday cheer in your classroom this year!  The activities that are included in this bundle are perfect for morning work, Daily 5, RTI, literacy centers, math centers, whole group, and so much more!  Add some of these activities to your other Polar Express printables, and your students will be certain to find the magic of Christmas in their hearts this year!
Your students will also be engaged and motivated to respond to monthly writing prompts with this winter bundle of writing activities.  These are also perfect for your Daily 5 Work on Writing or Word Work stations!  Very little prep required at all and perfect for all ages!  Three months of winter writing for the price of two!  
Mark your calendars and be ready to bundle and save 28% on November 30th and December 1st on every product in my TPT Store!  

November 5, 2015

Follower Freebie Time

With all of these turkeys in *DISGUISE*, it's time for another "Follower Freebie" *SURPRISE*!!

Here's how to trot on over to my turkey trail, so that you can get your amazing November surprise:

1.  If you are not already a TPT follower of mine, just click the picture below!  (Once you are directed to my shop, simply click my little green star that says "Follow Me"!)

2.  Very soon, I will send my followers a message via TPT's inbox messaging system with a special link.  (These messages are only sent to my followers; therefore, you have to be a follower in order to receive it!)

3.  This unique link that will be found in the message will provide you access to my Dropbox where and **AmAzInG SuRpRiSe** will be waiting for you!!

4. Please TAG as many of your colleagues to my Facebook post by commenting and then SHARE the post so that your teaching friends can participate too!

5.  Be on the lookout for a message in your TPT inbox from with the link to your "BOUNTIFUL BLESSING"!

October 18, 2015

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Tricks and Treats Blog Hop

I am so thrilled.... Y'all won't believe this, but as of tonight... I am no longer a Blog Hop Virgin!!!  Tonight I am participating in my FIRST BLOG HOP EVER, so thanks goes to The Elementary Entourage for hosting this Blog Hop and allowing me to participate!  I am so excited to have this opportunity to meet new friends, but when I tell you I am new to Bloglovin' and Blogging in general...I'm not kidding!  So feel free to comment and offer any blogging tips you would like!  I have thick skin and take {constructive} criticism well!  :)

I must preface my "tricks" by letting you know that I am a Whole Brain Teaching Intern.  Because of this educational adventure I am taking to become a certified WBT teacher, I have devoted the last year and a half to fully implementing the WBT techniques in my classroom.  I have made many products (which happen to be ALL FREE in my TPT store) that includes clipart from some of TPT's most popular artists...namely, Krista Wallden and Melonheadz).  If you have never truly checked out Whole Brain Teaching, I encourage you to do so.  I cannot tell you the impact it has made in my classroom both behaviorally and academically.  

Trick #1:  First of all, let me say that I am a teacher that is NOT caught up in my students' GRADES!  Instead, I am much more driven by my students' GROWTH!  My philosophy is that when GROWTH  happens, GRADES will naturally take care of themselves!  So....I would like to share with you the most amazing Whole Brain Teaching Technique that has packed more of a punch in my classroom than anything I have ever seen.  It is known as the Super Improvers Team (SIT).  Because one of my two Student Learning Targets states that my targeted students must increase one grade level on their STAR (Accelerated Reader) test in reading by the end of the school year, I have tied my SIT into academic achievements as well as behavioral successes.  My students receive a sticker on their star for every 100% they make on an A.R. test.  This naturally motivates them to read.  Last year, I successfully met my SLT with 100% performance from all of my targeted students and even had two students increase FIVE grade levels.  (I promise I am not even exaggerating!)  

Trick #2: Daily 5 happens to be another one of the best tricks I've ever discovered.  This systematic literacy program is designed to meet each students' individual needs.  Talk about differentiated instruction, 100% student engagement, and student growth....Yea! Chalk that up for some happy administrators and a Highly Effective score on your annual evaluation! #score   (Click here for another treat!)  

Click HERE for the link to another treat.  This link will access my October Writing Activities product valued at $6.50!  I am currently in the process of creating one for every month!  If you would like to take a look at the September, November, December previews, you can click the links for each month!!  I also have a Fall Bundle available that includes three months for the price of two!

It's been a pleasure participating in this Halloween Tricks and Treat Blog Hop!  I'd love to participate in future Blog Hops and Linky Parties in the future, so please let me know of any upcoming events that you are aware of!!  :)

October 7, 2015

Fall Writing Giveaway!

Please go check out my Facebook page so that you can participate in my giveaway!  Your students are guaranteed to "FALL" in love with writing this autumn!  3 months of writing activities in one download!  Perfect for your Daily 5 Work on Writing Station, whole group writing, or any literacy center!  To take a closer look at this product, Click Here!  If you like what you "SEA" in Mrs. Avery's Island, I'd be honored if you'd follow me!  (Everything in my shop is currently on sale, so surf on over and take advantage of the savings!)  :)

September 20, 2015

Daily 5 October Work on Writing and Work on Words

Happy Fall Y'all!!!  Can you believe October is just around the corner, and fall will officially be welcomed this week?  I wanted to share one of my latest TPT products with you, my October Writing Activities bundle!  Regardless if you are a Daily 5 teacher or not, these writing prompts can be used in any ELA classroom throughout the month of October!  This product is currently on sale in my TPT store!

Each monthly bundle will include 20 seasonal writing prompts with graphics from TPT's most popular clip artists (Krista Wallden, Melonheadz, Graphics from the Pond, Scrappin Doodles, and more), seasonal word cards with colored graphics which can be displayed on a bulletin board or available to aid your students with spelling, a thematic writing menu for your writing station, a student friendly writing rubric, as well as a checklist full of successful writing tips that will insure your students are on the "WRITE" track as a young author!  

I have also have available in my TPT store an October Work on Words bundle which includes three different products!

This Work on Words product can be used in a variety of ways.  You could use it with an RTI group, Whole Group Instruction with your favorite Kagan Structure, a Scoot Game, literacy groups, or simply add them to your Work on Words station!  

Do you ever feel as though you get so caught up into teaching "standards" through boring worksheets, and then you look up and the holidays have come and gone?  Why not achieve those standards by breaking away from the same ole boring worksheet by using fun, seasonal activities to teach those skills.   My goal this year is to incorporate more seasonal activities into my classroom this year!  The kids love it and student engagement is so much higher!! :)

September 19, 2015

Kahoot! in the Classroom

Have you ever heard of Kahoot?  For the love of Pete (whoever Pete happens to be), I have never seen as much excitement and student engagement in all of my life!  If you are searching for ways to conduct an engaging, informal assessment at the conclusion of a lesson or a particular skill, LOOK NO MORE!  Just take a peek at the photograph below, and tell me what you think!!  
Kahoot! is a FREE online resource that allows teachers to create, play, and share fun learning games for any skill, grade, or age.  A classroom without Kahoot! is like macaroni without the cheese!'s rather difficult to contain the excitement and volume, notice I didn't say NOISE; however, whoever said LOUD LEARNING was a bad thing!!   
As the teacher, you will want to first create yourself an account 
Ideally, you want each student to have his/her own personal electronic device.  
Any device that is capable of connecting to your school's wifi will work.  
I even sent a Remind 101 message to my parents letting them 
know that I would gladly take any old smartphones that are 
just laying around the house off of their hands! 

I first sent a message to all of my parents letting them know (straight from the horse's mouth) that it was okay for their child to bring a Smartphone, Kindle, iPad, iPod, etc. from home.   I would strongly encourage you to create a document for your parents to sign before their child brings an electronic device which states that you, your school, or your district will not be responsible for any damages or theft.  I also encouraged my parents to place the "Find my iPhone" or "Find my iPad" app on their device if it was an Apple product.  Heaven forbid one of your students would use a "FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT" and steal one, but you never know!  I'm sure other brands have something similar!  The first day was amazing....all but about 7 of my 23 students brought their personal device, and I was able to supply the others with my Google Chromebooks or an old iPhone of mine.  
Because we had completed our first Pearson Reading Street Benchmark
 test this week and we had some time, I decided to introduce my 
students to their first Kahoot!  The grammar skills that are 
drilled in the 2nd Grade, Unit 1 series is TYPES OF SENTENCES!  
Therefore, I chose a "Public Kahoot" (one created by someone else) 
on types of sentences.  As you watch the video, listen carefully to 
the exhilarating music as the timer counts down.  
However, if you feel that it creates too much anxiety and 
your students are getting frustrated with selecting incorrect answers 
haphazardly, you can adjust the settings which will take away the time and/or music.  
As you can see in this video, the students are anxiously 
awaiting for the results on the ActivBoard which will 
provide the students' score and class placement which is 
based on accuracy and the amount of time it takes them 
to respond to each question.  As mentioned above, 
the game can cause an increase of volume, 
but I'm quite okay with that!!!

I've just created my first Kahoot! and uploaded it!!  
It was super easy and the website is so user-friendly!  
You have the options of including your personal clipart 
you have on your computer as well as videos.  
 Once you select a Kahoot! to play, your students will be 
provided a Game PIN that is specific for that Kahoot!.  If for 
any reason during the game your students lose connection, 
they can always rejoin the game because the 
Game PIN number stays visible on the screen.  
After your students log in with the Game PIN, they are then 
asked for a "Nickname"; however, I require my students to use their first 
name only so that I can assess the data upon completion 
of the game.  I also remind my students that we are only 
in competition with ourselves, and always trying to improve 
our score from the game before.  If I run into a student demonstrating 
poor sportsmanship, they know they will lose their device for the next round.  
It truly squashes the poutiness and disrespect towards other students.  
The game begins and the students are given time to read and 
respond to each question.  I remind them that "Slow and steady is the 
pace, slow and steady wins the race."  This cuts down making careless 
mistakes, but as you know we all have THAT student!! 


Game on and as you can see from below, just because a 
student's name is in first place, doesn't mean they will stay there!  
It keeps the game exciting and students from giving up!

The best part is the teacher has data that is able to be 
downloaded into Excel if they choose to evaluate!  

No doubt your kids will be BEGGING daily to play Kahoot!

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I'm brand new to blogging, but I can't wait to discover great classroom blogs across the country and share creative discoveries with other colleagues!!

September 18, 2015


Are you feeling as though your calendar is being consumed with parent teacher conference appointments?  After being in school for five weeks, parents are beginning to respond to their child's progress report like a two alarm fire!  Today, I have these teacher-friendly conference forms available in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop!  Please go see what other teachers have to say about these and grab yours while they are FREE!  I hope you enjoy!!  HAPPY FRIDAY!!  :)

August 28, 2015


Have you ever experienced the POWER of Whole Brain Teaching?  If not, I strongly encourage you to check it out!  I am so excited to have FINALLY uploaded my Superhero WBT Bundle!

August 8, 2015

Whole Brain Teaching Founder, Chris Biffle, Comes to Bossier City, Louisiana!

What an amazing week it was in Bossier Parish as teachers went back to school to kick off the 2015-16 year, inspired and motivated by the founder of Whole Brain Teaching, Chris Biffle!  Bossier Parish was blessed to have "Coach B." come and share some of his amazing strategies with EVERY elementary teacher in the entire parish! #10fingerSIZZLINGwoo
If you have not ever discovered the power of Whole Brain Teaching, I STRONGLY encourage you to do yourself the BIGGEST favor you will ever do for YOU, and check it out!  I had the privilege {after being placed on a waiting list} of being accepted to attend the Whole Brain Teaching National Conference in Pineville, Louisiana in June 2014.  That summer truly changed my mindset, my classroom, and replaced that fire and passion for teaching as if it was my first year again.  I experienced student growth like nothing I had ever experienced before.  My students LOVED coming to school EVERYDAY!  On the last day of school before the summer break, I had never seen more tears {from boys and girls} simply because my students did not want to leave my 2nd grade classroom.

As teachers we are faced with more and more challenging students everyday...poverty stricken, abused, foster children, mentally ill, depressed, ADHD, broken homes, neglect, etc.  and the list goes on, and despite the things we cannot control, praise God for the things we can control...especially in our classrooms!  This book right here offers resolutions for teachers to control the uncontrollable!  A link is provided below the book if you would like to seek more information.

I was honored by being selected by Coach B. to serve as one of his 2014-15 Whole Brain Teaching interns during the national conference.  I accepted the offer (with 18 years of experience...just to let you know how long it has been since I was a student), because I decided that I had to do something in order to sustain my sanity before retirement.  After returning home from the conference last summer (2014), I immediately began summarizing all three days of the conference and made my intern class an easily accessible reference guide with the help of Coach B. and some members of his executive board that proofread and approved my summary notes.  You can download a free copy of these notes from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store if interested!  I also have many other Whole Brain Teaching Products available in my shop too.  (You may notice that some products have a charge...these are products that were custom made for teachers upon request to coordinate with their classroom.)  Any other basic informational product that is not a custom product is FREE!!!

I have never been more inspired to start preparing and decorating my classroom in the middle of June to transform it into a complete WHOLE BRAIN CLASSROOM than I was last summer!  Wouldn't you agree, most of us don't even think about school until about the 2nd week in July, but I simply couldn't wait to get started!  
I wanted to keep my pirate theme in my classroom, but I didn't want to limit myself to the colors of just red and black.  So...with the help of Lettering Delights and some clipart from Teachers Pay Teachers popular artist, Melonheadz, I was able to achieve a customized pirate themed classroom designed by none other than MYSELF.... #iknowright   {I even scared myself with the fact that I was making things I had ALWAYS purchased from a school supply store/online... things like an ABC chart, calendar toppers, desk tags, etc.  I had no idea that with PowerPoint I could create things like that!!  (Since then have been creating other teachers across the country customized classroom products that are unique and can't be purchased anywhere else....  I invite you to take a look at some of my other classroom bundles in my store!  Currently I have a Burlap Bundle, a Hollywood Bundle, an Under the Sea Bundle, a Pirate Bundle, an Owl Bundle, and so much more!!  I would be delighted to create any Whole Brain Teaching products for you to coordinate with any of these too!!)

My students thrived last year!  I am definitely not a boastful person, but I was humbled and in disbelief when my principal informed me that my students had made the most growth in our school.  I immediately texted Coach B. and shared with him the text that my principal sent me.  Of course, I could not take ANY credit....ALL of the credit is goes to the God and Coach B.  This week, the night before teachers returned to school for our inservice days, I received a text from a student I had last taught last year.  This post couldn't end without me sharing it with you...

My purpose in sharing this post is only to encourage those who have ever felt so discouraged day in and day out and have begun to second guess what you thought was a calling!  More beginning teachers are bailing and more veteran teachers are being prescribed with anti anxiety and depression medication as they are just trying to make it to retirement!  Please....before you bail or go to jail {just kidding}, please take it from a seasoned teacher...this education reform known as Whole Brain Teaching IS your ticket to "Teaching  Heaven"!  Have a BLESSED BTS15!!!

P.S. If you are not a follower of mine, I encourage you to become one!  I am new to the world of blogging, so my little blog needs some love!!  Comments are greatly appreciated!  

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August 2, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale!

I am so excited to be participating in the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale!  Every product in my store will be marked down an additional 20%!! 

Click Here to Visit My Shop!

I am thrilled to share with you my newest classroom bundle, The Burlap Bundle!  If you are looking for teaching resources and accents in a burlap theme, I invite you to come check this out!  This product truly has a one of a kind FLAIR that can't be bought in a school supply store ANYWHERE!!   

August 1, 2015

Pirate Themed Birthday Bundle!

If you happen to have a pirate themed classroom, my latest pirate themed birthday bundle may be just what you need to display your little classmateys names! Created with clipart from two of TPT's most popular artists, Krista Wallden, Melonheadz, and Scrappin' Doodles, your students will delight in this newly published treasure! 

No longer will you have to spend your hard earned money to replace consumable items from your local school supply store.  With this purchase, year after year you can reprint the items you need to start your school year!  

Why not add some customized FLAIR to your classroom that can't be found at a school supply store ANYWHERE!!  

July 23, 2015


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July 18, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers Collaborate Across the Country

After attending the 2015 Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas, I was inspired to share the information I learned about the power of collaborating with other TPT sellers.  So... what else was there to do, but go share it with someone!!  I literally left my bags packed after returning home {Louisiana} from Las Vegas, exchanged my dirty clothes for clean clothes, jumped in the car two days later, and drove 12.5 hours east to south Georgia and shared this information with TPT Seller, Samantha {Sam} White!  

I met Sam two years ago when a mutual family member of ours was getting married.  Sam is a first grade teacher in Baxley, Georgia, and I am a second grade teacher in Bossier City, Louisiana.  While conversing at the rehearsal dinner, Sam and I began discussing the amount of money we were spending on TPT to purchase products from other sellers.  It did not take very long for us to realize that we had some serious chemistry and a desire to make a difference in classrooms across the country!  With my first born graduating from high school and preparing to leave home for college, I shared with Sam that I was READY to become a Teachers Pay Teachers Seller.

On July 1, 2013, I gave "birth" to my TPT store naming it "Kelly Avery"..... You are probably thinking, "What an innovative and original store name?!", and I would say, "I know right?!"  LOL!  
I worked feverishly that summer creating product after product that primarily focused on 2nd grade standards/objectives from Common Core State Standards and Pearson Reading Street's reading series.  Although I was creating products which I planned to use in my personal classroom, my store inventory, along with my followers, SLOWLY began to increase!  

Here we are...two years later, and Sam and I are more on fire for designing differentiated, motivating products which promote 100% student engagement for TPT buyers.  Therefore, after reflecting on the information I gained from attending the conference on collaborating with people whom share similar standards and style, it was a MUST that I jump in my Tahoe and drive 12.5 hours east to share this excitement and vision with Sam.  

I would like to introduce to you my collaborating partner, Sam White!  You can locate our TPT stores by clicking on the following links... Mrs. Avery's Island and Mrs. White's Class!  You can also find our Facebook pages by clicking these links:  Mrs. Avery's Island's Facebook Page and Mrs. White's Class' Facebook Page.  I have just recently launched my Instagram, so please come visit me at Mrs. Avery's Island's Instagram!  

We have decided on our "brand" and we are ecstatic and simply can't wait to unveil our first product together!!! #comingsoon  If you happen to collaborate with another TPT seller and can offer us any suggestions on the best ways you communicate with your colleague, PLEASE leave any comments/advice on this post!  We are excited about beginning this journey and linking our ideas together across the 800 miles that separate us!  #teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #teacherspayteachers #weteach #tptsummersnapshots

Kelly Avery and Samantha White~Summer 2015