July 12, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Conference 2015

Wow!!  What an experience it was attending the 2015 Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas.  The Venetian was truly one of the most elaborate and inviting resorts I have ever seen!  (Don't let me fool you, I had a WHOLE new appreciation for Holiday Inn Express after spending the first couple of days chasing my tail around that enormous venue; however, by day three, I had it down pat and navigated around pretty well.)
I can't take credit for this photograph, but to give you a "bird's eye view"of how amazing this place is, I "borrowed" an image from the Internet!  

The moment I stepped off the elevator at the Venetian in "attempt" to locate my room, I stumbled into the sweetest couple {Shaun and Amanda} who could tell I was as lost as a goose!  They were so kind to offer assistance to me.  As Shaun went to inquire from a gentleman, whom appeared to be a Venetian security guard, his beautiful girlfriend asked me, "So are you here for pleasure?"  Of course, my thoughts were...if I say I'm here for the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference, chances are she would not have a clue of what I was talking about.  So instead I replied with, "No, I'm here for a teachers' conference."  She then said, "TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS?!"  I excitedly said, "YES, ARE YOU A SELLER TOO?"  She said, "No, my boyfriend {Shaun} is an employee of TPT.  He is on the Customer Support Team!"  We immediately connected, and I was so grateful that they sorta took me in to pal around with for the entire conference.  
Shaun, Amanda, and me at Senor Frogs

Not only to a gain a plethora of ideas and ways to grow my TPT store, Mrs. Avery's Island,
I met some of the most amazing TPT Sellers from all over the United States.  On my bucket list was to meet the ONE SELLER, Deanna Jump that inspired me to "JUMP" (no pun intended) on this amazing journey two years ago.  What an honor it was to also have the opportunity to meet her amazing TPT partner, Deedee Wills!  They were so encouraging and have eagerly inspired me to want to branch into making collaborative products with a friend of mine!   
These two ladies are absolutely phenomenal and their passion for making a difference in classrooms across the nation with their invaluable resources is so contagious.  

While in Vegas on my very first BUSINESS TRIP {that just sounds so corporate}, I also had the opportunity to reunite and have dinner with a childhood friend that I have not seen in TWENTY-THREE years!!  Meet my friend, Kris.  We went to K-12th grade together.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding {23 years ago}, and I have not seen her since then because she moved to Vegas after we graduated from high school!  She teaches 5th grade at an elementary school in Las Vegas!  We were able to eat dinner one night at a quaint little restaurant that which just so happened to serve Louisiana cuisine! #imaginethat  She brought a picture to share with me that she had found from our senior prom, so in order for you to appreciate the "dash" between 1989-2015, it's a MUST share....
80's hair, don't care!!  :)

Gracious alive, what an incredible experience I had attending this informational, inspiring, and innovating conference!  Teachers Pay Teachers is an amazing marketplace for anyone interested in becoming the CEO of their own Internet business!  I am so pumped about everything I learned, and I'm ready to kick off my third year as a TPT Premium Seller by implementing these wonderful suggestions.

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