July 18, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers Collaborate Across the Country

After attending the 2015 Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas, I was inspired to share the information I learned about the power of collaborating with other TPT sellers.  So... what else was there to do, but go share it with someone!!  I literally left my bags packed after returning home {Louisiana} from Las Vegas, exchanged my dirty clothes for clean clothes, jumped in the car two days later, and drove 12.5 hours east to south Georgia and shared this information with TPT Seller, Samantha {Sam} White!  

I met Sam two years ago when a mutual family member of ours was getting married.  Sam is a first grade teacher in Baxley, Georgia, and I am a second grade teacher in Bossier City, Louisiana.  While conversing at the rehearsal dinner, Sam and I began discussing the amount of money we were spending on TPT to purchase products from other sellers.  It did not take very long for us to realize that we had some serious chemistry and a desire to make a difference in classrooms across the country!  With my first born graduating from high school and preparing to leave home for college, I shared with Sam that I was READY to become a Teachers Pay Teachers Seller.

On July 1, 2013, I gave "birth" to my TPT store naming it "Kelly Avery"..... You are probably thinking, "What an innovative and original store name?!", and I would say, "I know right?!"  LOL!  
I worked feverishly that summer creating product after product that primarily focused on 2nd grade standards/objectives from Common Core State Standards and Pearson Reading Street's reading series.  Although I was creating products which I planned to use in my personal classroom, my store inventory, along with my followers, SLOWLY began to increase!  

Here we are...two years later, and Sam and I are more on fire for designing differentiated, motivating products which promote 100% student engagement for TPT buyers.  Therefore, after reflecting on the information I gained from attending the conference on collaborating with people whom share similar standards and style, it was a MUST that I jump in my Tahoe and drive 12.5 hours east to share this excitement and vision with Sam.  

I would like to introduce to you my collaborating partner, Sam White!  You can locate our TPT stores by clicking on the following links... Mrs. Avery's Island and Mrs. White's Class!  You can also find our Facebook pages by clicking these links:  Mrs. Avery's Island's Facebook Page and Mrs. White's Class' Facebook Page.  I have just recently launched my Instagram, so please come visit me at Mrs. Avery's Island's Instagram!  

We have decided on our "brand" and we are ecstatic and simply can't wait to unveil our first product together!!! #comingsoon  If you happen to collaborate with another TPT seller and can offer us any suggestions on the best ways you communicate with your colleague, PLEASE leave any comments/advice on this post!  We are excited about beginning this journey and linking our ideas together across the 800 miles that separate us!  #teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #teacherspayteachers #weteach #tptsummersnapshots

Kelly Avery and Samantha White~Summer 2015

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