August 8, 2015

Whole Brain Teaching Founder, Chris Biffle, Comes to Bossier City, Louisiana!

What an amazing week it was in Bossier Parish as teachers went back to school to kick off the 2015-16 year, inspired and motivated by the founder of Whole Brain Teaching, Chris Biffle!  Bossier Parish was blessed to have "Coach B." come and share some of his amazing strategies with EVERY elementary teacher in the entire parish! #10fingerSIZZLINGwoo
If you have not ever discovered the power of Whole Brain Teaching, I STRONGLY encourage you to do yourself the BIGGEST favor you will ever do for YOU, and check it out!  I had the privilege {after being placed on a waiting list} of being accepted to attend the Whole Brain Teaching National Conference in Pineville, Louisiana in June 2014.  That summer truly changed my mindset, my classroom, and replaced that fire and passion for teaching as if it was my first year again.  I experienced student growth like nothing I had ever experienced before.  My students LOVED coming to school EVERYDAY!  On the last day of school before the summer break, I had never seen more tears {from boys and girls} simply because my students did not want to leave my 2nd grade classroom.

As teachers we are faced with more and more challenging students everyday...poverty stricken, abused, foster children, mentally ill, depressed, ADHD, broken homes, neglect, etc.  and the list goes on, and despite the things we cannot control, praise God for the things we can control...especially in our classrooms!  This book right here offers resolutions for teachers to control the uncontrollable!  A link is provided below the book if you would like to seek more information.

I was honored by being selected by Coach B. to serve as one of his 2014-15 Whole Brain Teaching interns during the national conference.  I accepted the offer (with 18 years of experience...just to let you know how long it has been since I was a student), because I decided that I had to do something in order to sustain my sanity before retirement.  After returning home from the conference last summer (2014), I immediately began summarizing all three days of the conference and made my intern class an easily accessible reference guide with the help of Coach B. and some members of his executive board that proofread and approved my summary notes.  You can download a free copy of these notes from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store if interested!  I also have many other Whole Brain Teaching Products available in my shop too.  (You may notice that some products have a charge...these are products that were custom made for teachers upon request to coordinate with their classroom.)  Any other basic informational product that is not a custom product is FREE!!!

I have never been more inspired to start preparing and decorating my classroom in the middle of June to transform it into a complete WHOLE BRAIN CLASSROOM than I was last summer!  Wouldn't you agree, most of us don't even think about school until about the 2nd week in July, but I simply couldn't wait to get started!  
I wanted to keep my pirate theme in my classroom, but I didn't want to limit myself to the colors of just red and black.  So...with the help of Lettering Delights and some clipart from Teachers Pay Teachers popular artist, Melonheadz, I was able to achieve a customized pirate themed classroom designed by none other than MYSELF.... #iknowright   {I even scared myself with the fact that I was making things I had ALWAYS purchased from a school supply store/online... things like an ABC chart, calendar toppers, desk tags, etc.  I had no idea that with PowerPoint I could create things like that!!  (Since then have been creating other teachers across the country customized classroom products that are unique and can't be purchased anywhere else....  I invite you to take a look at some of my other classroom bundles in my store!  Currently I have a Burlap Bundle, a Hollywood Bundle, an Under the Sea Bundle, a Pirate Bundle, an Owl Bundle, and so much more!!  I would be delighted to create any Whole Brain Teaching products for you to coordinate with any of these too!!)

My students thrived last year!  I am definitely not a boastful person, but I was humbled and in disbelief when my principal informed me that my students had made the most growth in our school.  I immediately texted Coach B. and shared with him the text that my principal sent me.  Of course, I could not take ANY credit....ALL of the credit is goes to the God and Coach B.  This week, the night before teachers returned to school for our inservice days, I received a text from a student I had last taught last year.  This post couldn't end without me sharing it with you...

My purpose in sharing this post is only to encourage those who have ever felt so discouraged day in and day out and have begun to second guess what you thought was a calling!  More beginning teachers are bailing and more veteran teachers are being prescribed with anti anxiety and depression medication as they are just trying to make it to retirement!  Please....before you bail or go to jail {just kidding}, please take it from a seasoned teacher...this education reform known as Whole Brain Teaching IS your ticket to "Teaching  Heaven"!  Have a BLESSED BTS15!!!

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  1. Kelly thanks for sharing your notes! These are great! Loved visiting your blog! You have so many great products online! I can't wait to stop by your shoppe to check out your owl products! Hugs and happiness!

    1. You are so welcome!! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! I am really looking forward to connecting with other bloggers. I've never done a Linky party, but I'm really wanting to give it a whirl! Have you even done one? If so, how did you get started?

  2. BY THE WAY: I forgot to tell you that your blog looks FANTASTIC!!!!:)

  3. Thank you so much, Michelle! It's been a work in progress for quite sometime!! I have a WHOLE new respect for anyone that creates HTML codes! Oh my gracious!!! Even after purchasing a blog template, I have still been CONSUMED with trying to tweak it to my specs!!