October 18, 2015

Tricks and Treats Blog Hop

I am so thrilled.... Y'all won't believe this, but as of tonight... I am no longer a Blog Hop Virgin!!!  Tonight I am participating in my FIRST BLOG HOP EVER, so thanks goes to The Elementary Entourage for hosting this Blog Hop and allowing me to participate!  I am so excited to have this opportunity to meet new friends, but when I tell you I am new to Bloglovin' and Blogging in general...I'm not kidding!  So feel free to comment and offer any blogging tips you would like!  I have thick skin and take {constructive} criticism well!  :)

I must preface my "tricks" by letting you know that I am a Whole Brain Teaching Intern.  Because of this educational adventure I am taking to become a certified WBT teacher, I have devoted the last year and a half to fully implementing the WBT techniques in my classroom.  I have made many products (which happen to be ALL FREE in my TPT store) that includes clipart from some of TPT's most popular artists...namely, Krista Wallden and Melonheadz).  If you have never truly checked out Whole Brain Teaching, I encourage you to do so.  I cannot tell you the impact it has made in my classroom both behaviorally and academically.  

Trick #1:  First of all, let me say that I am a teacher that is NOT caught up in my students' GRADES!  Instead, I am much more driven by my students' GROWTH!  My philosophy is that when GROWTH  happens, GRADES will naturally take care of themselves!  So....I would like to share with you the most amazing Whole Brain Teaching Technique that has packed more of a punch in my classroom than anything I have ever seen.  It is known as the Super Improvers Team (SIT).  Because one of my two Student Learning Targets states that my targeted students must increase one grade level on their STAR (Accelerated Reader) test in reading by the end of the school year, I have tied my SIT into academic achievements as well as behavioral successes.  My students receive a sticker on their star for every 100% they make on an A.R. test.  This naturally motivates them to read.  Last year, I successfully met my SLT with 100% performance from all of my targeted students and even had two students increase FIVE grade levels.  (I promise I am not even exaggerating!)  

Trick #2: Daily 5 happens to be another one of the best tricks I've ever discovered.  This systematic literacy program is designed to meet each students' individual needs.  Talk about differentiated instruction, 100% student engagement, and student growth....Yea! Chalk that up for some happy administrators and a Highly Effective score on your annual evaluation! #score   (Click here for another treat!)  

Click HERE for the link to another treat.  This link will access my October Writing Activities product valued at $6.50!  I am currently in the process of creating one for every month!  If you would like to take a look at the September, November, December previews, you can click the links for each month!!  I also have a Fall Bundle available that includes three months for the price of two!

It's been a pleasure participating in this Halloween Tricks and Treat Blog Hop!  I'd love to participate in future Blog Hops and Linky Parties in the future, so please let me know of any upcoming events that you are aware of!!  :)

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