February 28, 2016

Feeling like a Rat on the Wheel...Who's with Me?

Hello, Teaching Friends!  After seeing the date of my last blog post,  January 1st, I feel like I should introduce myself once again, "Hello, my name is...."  just kidding, but GEEZ....trying to juggle a  Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, create resources for my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and my blog (oh yeah...not to mention TEACH 2nd grade) is almost more than this ONE person can handle!  Anyone else feel my pain?!  :)  

Happenings around my home.....
On a personal side note.....  I'm happy to share that my younger daughter decided to participate in her high school's beauty pageant!  Must I proclaim ..."The Avery girls are NOT beauty pageant girls"! However, Anna Kate, along with several of her close friends, decided to enter her first (and according to her, the last) beauty pageant....ya know, "Just for fun!".   Whew.....talk about an EXPENSIVE kind of "fun" for MAYBE a 3 minute stroll down the runway!  Anyways.... as humbly as I can say, I am very proud to share with you that my girl placed in the Top Fifteen out of 48 strikingly, beautiful girls! 
Yes!  This was an exciting moment for Mom, Dad, and Emily

Honestly, her inner beauty is even more radiant!

Now that we have the pageant behind us, she has decided to try out for Varsity cheerleader...something else she has NEVER done before!  I give it to her, she's not afraid of trying!  

Happenings in my Classroom......

Tomorrow kicks off our HUGE week of fun filled, Dr. Seuss activities as we team up with America to celebrate National Read Across America Day!  (Could there be a personal day scheduled for Mrs. Avery in the next 5 days?  Nah, I WOULD NOT, COULD NOT do that to a sub!)  I really do look forward to our fun five whimsically wacky days!  (I also look forward to Friday at 3:00 on that fifth day too!)  My mission this week is to make a blog post each day to share a glimpse of my students' and colleagues' dress up days, snacks, and activities!  Our weekly schedule will go something like this:  
Tuesday:  Top Hat Tuesday with The Cat in the Hat
Wednesday:  Wacky Wednesday and Horton Hears a Who! Activities
Thursday:  Thing 1 Thing 2 Dress Up Day
Friday:  Oh, the Places You'll Go! Students wear their favorite Dr. Seuss Character attire!  
Here's a pic of some of our past favorite "Over the Top" attires...

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite resources that other educators have also found successful!  I love when my students think they are "playing games" and are mastering standards at the same time!  We enjoy using these task cards during Daily 5, as well as with some of my favorite Kagan Structures!  No worries...After discovering some guidelines regarding copyright issues, I am pleased to say that these resources were created using Melonheadz and Glitter Meets Glue Design clipart and do not violate copyright laws! 

One of the greatest discoveries that I have experienced in the last couple of weeks is watching my ELL students transform right before my eyes from completely a non reader into little reading machines!!  I seriously can't wait to get to meet with them at my horseshoe table during Daily 5 and work one on one with them!  This week, their Word Work skill is going to be syllables; therefore, I will bring out my whimsical Syllable task cards for them to use!                                                                                                           

Last Friday after school, some of my 2nd grade parents, along with my room mom (I thought "roommom" was a compound word, but I got the red squiggly line under it, so I separated it....but, I really think it's a compound word though!) and her husband, came to transform our 2nd grade pod and my classroom into Seussville!  The kids are going to be so excited when they walk in Monday morning!  
 Please Visit My Instagram to View Our Fun Adventures this Week!

What plans do you have to celebrate Dr. Seuss and National Read Across America Day?  We are always searching for new ideas to incorporate into our plans, so please leave a comment and share your favorite activity, craft, or snack!  :)

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