April 3, 2016

Spring Writing Prompts: FLASH SALE

The spring writing prompts included in this Year Long Writing Bundle are guaranteed to keep your students engaged and on the "WRITE" track!  

I wanted to inform you that I am currently having my FIRST FLASH SALE, and I invite you to come SALE-EBRATE with me!!  This writing resource doesn't just include SPRING writing prompts, but FALL and WINTER too!!  That's "WRITE".... You can SAVE $47.50 on my All Year Long Writing Bundle and have your journal topics covered for the entire year!  

Reg. $67.50, but currently on sale for $20!!!  {YES...NOT A TYPO...TWENTY DOLLARS!!} 

Surf on over to my Mrs. Avery's Island, and read the comments to see what other teachers are saying about this bundle of writing prompts!!

In my best Kool and the Gang singing voice....."We're gunna have a good time tonight, let's 
SALE-uh-brate, it's alright!  We're gunna have a good time tonight, C'Mon let's SALE-uh-brate!!  

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