June 28, 2016

2 For Tuesday

After nearly cutting my finger off on Father's Day and having to have EXTENSIVE hand surgery, I was not able to participate in Chalk One Up for the Teacher's Two for Tuesday last week!  HOWEVER, I'M BACK, and although I may be a one handed typist for the next few months, I was not going to let another week pass me by without participating in this weekly Whale of a Sale!  

This week you can take advantage of TWO of my Back to School bundles!  
These can both be found in my 2 for Tuesday category!
Arghhh you ready to head back to school with some Pirate swag?  If so, this classroom bundle is FULL of pirate themed printables which will have your Buccaneers set for an amazing year!  Get your spyglass out to take a closer look at what's included!
Or... perhaps you may choose to roll out the red carpet for your new celebrities and dazzle in the new school year with these Hollywood themed printables!  It's a "REEL" deal!
With these thematic bundles, there's no more spending a fortune at school supply stores year after year to replenish your consumable resources!  Instead, just print off your new desk tags, binder covers, stationery, and more to set your classroom apart with a CuStOm DeCoR!

Other themed classroom bundles including Superhero, Under the Sea, and Owls are also available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Custom themed classroom bundles are also available upon request!  Soooo...if you have a specific theme or color scheme in mind, please don't hesitate to message me and let's create your "One of a Kind" classroom decor which can't be purchased at your local school supply store! 

If you stumbled across my blog accidentally, YOU ARE JUST IN TIME!  
I would like to invite you to enter my Blog Launch GIVEAWAY!  My incredible Blog Launching Squad graciously partnered with me to help spread my excitement of my new branding and blog!  (Take a peek to see if you recognize any of my Squad!)
**Complete details can be found in my June 19th post!**
 Feel free to share my excitement with all of your teaching friends!! 
Great prizes and each participant has up to 47 chances to win!! 
Winners will be announced on July 1st!

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