September 3, 2016

My Medical Emergency was Turned into a Lesson Learned!

Well.... In case you have wondered where in the world I have been since I launched my blog, I wanted to give you the peace of mind that I am still alive!  On Father's Day, I had a FREAK (and, I do mean FREAK) accident which almost resulted in the loss of my middle finger on my right hand!  Yep, you guessed it...I'm right handed, and the struggle has been REAL!  As much as I would like to say I was bit by a shark or a bear, all I have to offer is I was making sweet tea....YES!  MAKING SWEET TEA!  Oh yeah...did I mention this happened the night before my blog launch too?  Thank the Lord I had already written my post and created my Rafflecopter prior to my accident or there's no telling what could have been included in my post under the influence of some STRONG pain medication!  One of my dear friends brought me what you see in the picture below, and it was just too cute not to share!  

Here's how my story goes....  We were about 15 minutes away from having our dear friends over for burgers.  The grill was lit, table was set, and I decided we needed some ice cold sweet tea to go with those burgers.  That's just what we do in the south!  I made the sweet tea the same way I have made it for 25 years, and even used the same pitcher I've used for 25 years!  After I dissolved the sugar in the tea, I picked up the pitcher and filled the rest with water.  As soon as I picked up the GLASS pitcher, it completely separated in two parts...It was as if someone had taken a glass cutter and cut it in half.  No shards. No shattered glass.  Just two separate parts.  By nature, I threw my right hand under the bottom half to keep it from hitting the tile floor and going into a million pieces.   I sure didn't want to mop up sweet tea minutes before our company arrived either, but THAT is where I went wrong! The bottom half of the top part of the pitcher sliced across my middle finger cutting all of my nerves, an artery, and both of my tendons.  I came VERY close to a helicopter ride to Dallas to have my finger reattached, but praise the Lord again it did not sever it completely!  After having extensive hand surgery, Flexor Tendon Repair, and being completely immobilized with ZERO use of my right hand for 6 weeks, I guess you could say typing a blog post would have taken me a month of Sundays using just my left hand.  Moral of the story:  Only Rubbermaid/Tupperware for me when it comes to making sweet tea!
My niece also had shoulder surgery this summer, so at least I could sympathize with someone!
Chilling in the E.R. waiting on my temporary fix until I could meet with my surgeon the next morning.  

Just making sure everything was "on go" for my blog launch which was the NEXT DAY!  
Feeling NO PAIN here!

Speaks for itself!   

Can I just tell you my hair was a complete wreck for WEEKS!!!!  
Feeling like an 80 year old getting a weekly set!  

After my accident, emergent situations started swirling in my mind.....What if I was home alone?  How could I have even dialed 911 (my body immediately went into a state of shock) or driven myself to the E.R.?  (My kitchen looked like a scene off of CSI Miami with blood EVERYWHERE, blood spurting in all directions with every beat of my heart!)  My finger literally FELL back after the tendons were cut, so to drive myself or find my phone to call 911 was almost impossible.  Other thoughts that crossed my mind were what if this happened to one of my girls?  What if this happened while a babysitter was on the clock? What if this happened to an elderly person who lived alone?
With all of those situations which could possibly happen, I decided to create an emergency reference flipbook.  After-all, in our classrooms we are required to keep an emergency folder important contact information for our students easily accessible and readily available.  So the thought of having my students create a Family Emergency Medical Flipbook came to my mind!  (It's actually a FLASH FREEBIE in my store RIGHT NOW, so please feel free to go grab this download!  Also, please be sure and leave me some feedback and let me know what you think after you have a chance to look at it!)  Below are a few pictures of the resource!  We never know when an emergency may happen and when seconds count!  I'm thinking I will be incorporating this lesson on personal information into my Fire Safety lessons this October when we focus on national Fire Prevention month!  This flipbook is also included in my NEW Fire Safety packet too!  Thank you so much Study All Knight (Danielle Knight) for your AWESOME flip book template that made this resource a SUCCESS!  

I have learned quite a bit about the things in life I take for granted.... such as having two functional hands!  I have also learned that in a New York second, life as I know it can change!  I have been attending occupational therapy three days a week since I've had my surgery.  I have still not been released from surgeon, so I have not even met my students this year.  I will be heading back to school on September 12th, and I can't wait to meet the next set of students that will soon become a part of my heart!  

Do you have a particular link, book, or activity you enjoy when teaching your students about Fire Safety or medical emergencies?  Please comment below and share them!  


  1. I love this! I downloaded it and I'm going to use it in my classroom and at home!!!! Thanks! I'm glad your finger is healing!

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I hope you never have to use it, but in the event you do, I know you will be prepared!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!!! It has definitely been a LENGTHY recovery! Who would have ever thought something so routine could have caused all of this?!

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