February 21, 2017


Every teacher I know (and I know a few after being in the classroom over 20 years), LOVES the word FREE...especially when it comes to fun, engaging resources for their classroom!

I wanted to invite you to take a walk down Memory Lane with me, and check out my brand new Cootie Catchers product line (or perhaps you may know them as Fortune Tellers)!  Remember back in elementary school when we would create these fun foldables and "play" with our besties?  Oh, how funny it was to learn who we would marry, how many kids we would have, the kind of car we would drive, what our career would be (thankfully, I didn't end up as a garbage collector), and whether we would live in a mansion or a shack?  Ahhhh...  can you even imagine where our lives would be if any of those "fortunes" would have come true?!  LOL!

So... I decided I would play around with these Cootie Catchers with my 2nd graders.  I designed an easy to fold template, programmed it with {USEFUL} information, AKA Grade Level Standards, set aside traditional (boring) worksheets, and allowed my students to "PLAY" with them!  For most of my students, this was the first time they had ever seen these little boogers, but can I just tell you, EVERY student was engaged...EVERY student was learning...EVERY student was mastering standards...and EVERY student was begging to make more!  After we were done "playing" with them in class, my students took them home!  The feedback I received from parents was phenomenal!  Parents were expressing to me how much their child LOVED playing with them with their family members!  Just think...the more they are playing, the more they are learning and retaining this information!

Here's a little bird's eye view of some of my students playing with them the first day I introduced them to Cootie Catchers!  I LOVED their faces when they discovered how to actually maneuver their fingers and make them work!


Just imagine how powerful Cootie Catchers could be for students to review for a test or simply practice a new skill.  Seriously...the repetition of "playing" with a partner, or the ability for students to self-check, if playing independently, is a perfect way for students to master grade level standards.  They are also a perfect fast finisher activity!

Since then, I have made SEVERAL Cootie Catchers to address a variety of skills/standards.  Some of the standards include:  Black History Month, Presidents Day, Fractions, Division, Figurative Language, Money, and more are being made to add to the collection!  (The next one will be Telling Time!)

With standardized testing just around the corner, I know teachers are all beginning to get in that "test prep" mode!  So... I wanted to give you a FREE SIMILES COOTIE CATCHER for you to experiment with your students!

Whether you are beginning to concentrate on different types of figurative language (alliteration, metaphors, onomatopoeia, Idioms, etc.) to help your students amp their skills when writing personal narratives, or perhaps gearing up for National Poetry Month, I wanted to offer you this FOLLOWER FREEBIE as a THANK YOU for supporting my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and always inspiring me to create engaging resources!  After you download this FREEBIE, I would love feedback from you to share your thoughts with me, as well as, other teachers who may be interested in this download!

I hope you enjoy this NO PREP (and when I say, "No prep!"...I really mean NO PREP...NO tape, NO glue, NO staples, and even better than that...NO color ink required!) FREEBIE!

Please leave a comment and let me know if there is a skill you would like made into a Cootie Catcher!  I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Thank you for surfing over and visiting Mrs. Avery's Island today!


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