Whole Brain Teaching Classroom

Welcome to my virtual "field trip" of my newly transformed Whole Brain Teaching classroom!  After being placed on a waiting list to attend the national conference, I was fortunate enough to attend the conference after a spot opened up.  Not only did I attend the conference, but I was selected by Chris Biffle, the founder of Whole Brain Teaching commonly known as Coach B., to be one of his 2014 Whole Brain Teaching Interns.   After having 18 years of teaching experience, this conference completely changed my mindset on classroom management and academic success like never before as we are being faced with more and more challenging students each year.  Coach B. is changing and transforming teaching styles across our nation like wildfire!  If you are interested in discovering more about this reform that will forever change your life and provide you a one way ticket to "Teacher Heaven", I encourage you to visit the Whole Brain Teaching website and learn more today! 
These are my Whole Brain Teaching poster cues!  
They serve as my reminder of the powerful techniques to 
engage and motivate my students! 
 This is the most POWERFUL technique that Whole Brain Teaching has to offer!  According to my principal at my End of the Year post conference, my students made the most growth in reading in our school.  {That's very difficult for me to say, because I am NOT a "toot your own horn" kind of girl, but in order to express the power of this technique, I felt the need to share!}
 Posted underneath my Activboard are the 5 Whole Brain Teaching rules.  These rules are designed specifically to cover every inch of the school facility!  From the playground, to the bathroom, halls, gym, cafeteria, or even on the bus, there is a rule to cover your students regardless of where they are on the campus.   
Talk about the ultimate goal.....these students that are showcased on my "Captain of the Crew" wall started from Day 1 to make it past all 10 levels on the Super Improvers' Wall.  These students will forever serve as an inspiration and motivation for my future students to work hard and strive to make it to the "Captain of the Crew" wall.

Please come back and visit as I will be adding additional Whole Brain Teaching pictures that illustrate the Whole Brain Teaching techniques that are used in my classroom!

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